“… live dangerously! Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships out into uncharted seas!” Friedrich Nietzsche

What then is a blog, if not a barrel, to inhabit or to evacuate – or in which to evacuate – a barrel blog to roll up and down the main drag in Corinth, trying to look as busy as everyone else, as did Diogenes, that most original and perceptive of parodists, once upon a distant time?

This blog offers different voices for different kinds of extra-tub-ular excursions … some things will probably get argued for a lot around here:

  • flattened hierarchies
  • practices of equality
  • communities of learning
  • speaking truth to power
  • anti-racist practice
  • emancipatory research
  • questioning stuff
  • saving the planet

Some things will get pretty short shrift:

  • our political classes and the vested interests before which they prostrate themselves
  • professional privilege
  • pejorative diagnostic misattributions
  • structural violence
  • social exclusion
  • biosphere destruction
  • anyone standing in my light

There’s some stuff to campaign against:

  • cynical projections of ‘zero tolerance’
  • attributions of ‘intentional’ homelessness, ‘deliberate’ self injury, ‘DSH’
  • misuse and abuse of the terms ‘manipulative’, ‘attention-seeking’ and ‘splitting’
  • managerialism and the failed corporate metaphor in mental health and social care
  • the insult-ation of ‘consultation’ and other similarly empty terms
  • carbon-fuelled techno-industrial capitalism
  • racism in all its manifestations

And finally to note:

  • this machine kills Fascists

“If I were not Alexander I would be Diogenes” Alexander the Great